Scandinavia’s leading supplier of de-icing fluids

Tank monitoring

Clariant welcomes the AeroChem business to our family.

The capabilities and assets they bring will advance our transformation and together with our partners, we remain focused on supplying de-icing fluids to the Scandinavian aviation.

Aerochem has been supplying de-icing fluids to the Scandinavian aviation industry since 1996. We supply airports in Sweden, Norway, Denmark and Finland. Since 2012 we have our own modern production plant at Uddevalla – an investment in even greater security of supply and better service to our customers.

Expertise and experience

With more than 40 years’ experience of the sector, Aerochem has thorough knowledge of chemicals for the aviation industry, of how to handle the products and of delivery-related logistics. Training and knowledge transfer are further natural elements of our collaboration with our customers.


The entire chain is quality-assured, from the production process and logistics systems to administration, with system-based, tailor-made and documented routines for every step.

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We work constantly to ensure that the environmental impact of the operations and the products is kept to a minimum. This approach is exemplified by local production and by our active efforts to recover the products we sell.

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With more than 40 years’ experience in the field of chemical products, we are thoroughly familiar with what it takes to live up to expectations and to be a reliable and environmentally-friendly supplier.

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