The environment at the centre

Tank monitoring

Environmental considerations are central

Environmental considerations are extremely important in Aerochem’s operations, a fact which is demonstrated by our specially-designed production plant.

Our business concept includes a resolve to work actively to reduce any environmental impact of the products, as documented in our environmental policy.

Unclassified fluids

De-icing fluids, used to remove ice and prevent ice formation on the wings of aircraft, are unclassified fluids and are considered harmless. The fluids are based on monopropylene glycol (MPG).

Early adopter

As long ago as 2000 we introduced a more environmentally-friendly, Triasol-free Type 1 de-icing fluid. Triasol had a corrosion and flame-protecting function. However, after extensive research it was possible to replace it with substances with significantly less environmental impact. Since 2003, only the more environmentally-friendly fluids have been supplied.


Even if de-icing fluid is considered harmless to the environment, the volume used are so great that there are good reasons to find ways to recycle the raw material. Today the fluid is normally collected during the de-icing process and sent for destruction. Together with Clariant GmbH, Aerochem has developed methods for the recovery of the products we sell, in order to encourage more of an ecocycle-based approach.

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