Modern production plant

Tank monitoring

In 2012 we started production at Europe’s most modern plant for the manufacture of de-icing fluids for aircraft. The plant, located in Uddevalla, Sweden, is specially designed for the production of type I, type II and type IV fluids. It has a very high production capacity and a storage capacity of 5000 m³.

Efficient and environmentally-friendly

The plant is situated close to the harbour, so that the majority of the raw materials can be supplied by boat and discharged directly to the production facility. This is cost-effective, rational and at the same time environmentally-friendly, since the need for road transport is greatly reduced.


Perfect location

The location of the new plant was chosen with a view to the efficient supply of raw materials and proximity to the major airports at Oslo, Stockholm, Copenhagen and Gothenburg, all of which are served by Aerochem.

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