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Tank monitoring

Aerochem produces and sells de-icing fluids for the aviation industry. These products are based on monopropylene glycol and can therefore be regarded as relatively harmless in environmental terms. For further information see under Environment.

Product and safety information

Material and safety data sheets are available in several languages. Choose a language in the drop-list to the right of the desired product to open the safety data sheet as a pdf* file, which can be printed or saved. Product information in English for type I, II and IV is also available in the pdf format.

*To be able to read pdf-files you need the plug-in program Adobe Reader. Download it for free here.

De-/anti icing Type I

Clariant Safewing MP 1 ECO Plus 80
Clariant Safewing MP 1 ECO Plus 80, Pre-diluted
Product information

De-/anti icing Type II

Clariant Safewing MP II Flight
Product information

De-/anti icing Type IV

Clariant Safewing MP IV Launch
Product information

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