Tank monitoring

Tank monitoring

Tank monitoring for logistics and control

As a part of Aerochem’s quality control and service, a sophisticated tank monitoring system can also be provided. This system increases efficiency and simplifies storage control.

Web-based surveillance tool

Tank monitoring is an internet-based system that continuously measures the content of the storage tanks. A large amount of information is available in the system.

Apart from total and actual volume per tank, a complete history of delivery, automatic ordering indicators and possible alarm functions are also present. The monitoring system is accessed using a personal code on the Aerochem homepage and/or via texts to the mobile phone. The system can be installed on all types of tanks.

Increasing number of users

An increasing number of customers choose to supplement their own control system with tank monitoring from Aerochem. For further information about the monitoring system, or for a demonstration, please contact Aerochem by mail: post@aerochem.se or by telephone: +46 8 644 80 60.

Tank monitoring can provide:

  • Inventory control
  • Overview and control
  • Historic delivery- and usage data
  • Ordering indicators, with possible automatic deliveries
  • Alarm functions

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